Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Twitter users disturbed after seeing Demi Moore’s bathroom

The famous actress spent her quarantine with her ex-husband and also actor, Bruce Willis in their home in Idaho. They shared snaps with their daughters and their beautiful home but recently, one detail has left the Internet disturbed. Check it out!  

By  Estefanía Martínez
  • Fans have been delighted with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore together again.
  • They shared their family activities like cooking, playing and watching movies. 
Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and their family on quarantine

The actress has a new podcast called Dirty Diana, and she posted a couple of pictures working on her computer, but the fans notice something strange:

Somebody discovered a monkey inside the wall

You can see carpet covering the whole floor of the bathroom, a monkey toy inside the wall and a giant armor over the tub.

Comments like "Why Demi Moore has both carpet and a couch in her bathroom", "this is horrifying" and "pictures you can smell" were some of the ones that received more likes, but the following won the hearts of everybody:

What do you think about her decoration style?

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