Top 3 Hollywood stars' extreme transformations Top 3 Hollywood stars' extreme transformations

Top 3 Hollywood stars' extreme transformations

Being a Hollywood actor or actress isn't just about fame and fortune. Succeeding in the world of entertainment requires sacrifices. Some of the most respected figures in the industry had to go through radical physical changes to get some roles. Scroll down to find out more.

  • We've seen many of our favorite actors in roles that had nothing to do with their previous ones.
  • Being versatile is a must for those who want to succeed and earn the audience's respect.
  • Seeing a comic actor starring a dramatic movie like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show is an example of it.

Some Hollywood actors often get stuck in a stereotype and find it difficult to get out of there.

This is the case of handsome actors or beautiful actresses who end up always playing the same roles.

The downside of this is that beauty has an expiration date.

Jared Leto playing The Joker

The figures that we have chosen for our top 3 of radical changes are examples of artists who have wanted to develop professionally and have taken their body to the limit to achieve it.

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in the film Dallas Buyers Club.

3. Jared Leto. The 48-year-old American actor and singer has proved to be able to pull out almost any role he was given. We've seen him lose a lot of weight for Dallas Buyers Club". He actually won an Oscar for his performance. The actor also put on more than  66 pounds for his role as Harry Goldfarb.

Charlize Theron's incredible transformation.

2- Charlize Theron. This gorgeous actress managed to like a "Monster". She had to earn 28 pounds to portray a serial killer. It was all about donuts and fries in those days. We also witnessed her radical face transformation. She was unrecognizable.

 Some Christian Bale's transformations

1- Christian Bale. Batman is our number one today. Remember how skinny he was when he couldn't sleep in 2004?. For The Machinist Christian ended up weighing 121 pounds being 6' 5" tall!.

Lately he's gained a lot of weight for his new role in Adam McKay's movie where he plays Dick Cheney.

Can you think of any other extreme transformations? Leave us a comment.

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