Today would be the King of Pop Michael Jackson 62nd birthday

The incredible singer made it into the top of the world, his family still get millions for his songs, and he was actually crowned King of an African country. Today would be his birthday, and we remember him and say, happy birthday Michael!

  • The entertainer had a net worth of $500 million.
  • With his money he purchased his ranch "Neverland" in Santa Barbara, California. It was themed like an amusement park.
  • He is the most awarded musician in history.
  • His song "Billie Jean" was uploaded to YouTube on 2009 and got almost a billion views!

Check out this 3 fun facts about Michael, it is our way to remember him as the great musician he was! 

1) Michael was not only the King of music, he was officially crowned the monarch of the Kingdom of Sanwi in 1992!

Michael on his coronation day

The West Africa kingdom had the idea that Jackson was a descendant from their ancestors. After the pop star's death in 2009 they even mourned him for 48 hours. 

Michael was the soul of the party!

2) The most awarded musician on Earth. He won 13 Grammys, 26 American Music and 40 Billboard Awards. He has also 2 stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame, one for his solo career and another one from the Jackson 5, the band with his siblings. The entertainer also has the record for winning the most number of Grammys in one night (8).

3) Rich for real. Even after his death, his trust fund called Jackson estate earned almost $1 billion in streaming and music rights revenues. Thanks to him, the Guinness World Record organization created a new category for the highest-earning deceased artists. 

If you want to learn more about the lucrative business of dead celebrities, check this article:

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