Three successful women who proved to be unbreakable Three successful women who proved to be unbreakable

Three successful women who proved to be unbreakable

Madison Beer's recovery from an episode of depression has recently been revealed. That made us very happy for her. Inspired by the singer's story, we decided to introduce you to three brave women who were also able to overcome pain and became icons of a generation. Scroll down to find out more.

  • Women had been fighting for equality for a long time and in the last decades they've succeeded in many aspects.
  • Public figures we see everyday on TV or on the red carpets seem to have glamorous and happy lives, but there's a lot we don't know about them.
  • Being in the public eye can be both, healing or hurting. In this case we show three examples of how these women overcame their life events.

We have chosen three examples of successful women who have managed to overcome difficult situations through their careers. It is not easy to reveal these kinds of intimacies, especially when you're going to be judged by millions. Here are three tough life stories with a happy ending.

Lady Gaga receiving an award at the VMAs 2020.

1- Lady Gaga. The brilliant singer has managed to inspire and excite throughout her career, but she also had a difficult past. Gaga revealed some time ago that she suffered abuse when she was 19 years old at the school where she studied. In fact the song "Swine" talks about it. Through singing, she managed to heal and overcome what she experienced.

Julie Andrews singing scene from The Sound of Music.

2- Julie Andrews. She was known and acclaimed for her role in "The Sound of Music" due to Andrew's beautiful voice. After going through a simple throat operation, she lost her singing skills and that got her close to depression, but Andrews got ahead of it by writing children's stories with her daughter Emma. Together they wrote a total of 31 books and the actress moved on.

Ellen Pompeo playing Meredith Gray in Grey's Anatomy.

3- Ellen Pompeo. Also known as Meredith Gray, her role in Gey's Anatomy. The series, which premieres its 16th season on Netflix, has allowed us to see the evolution of this actress over 20 years.

Ellen didn't have an easy childhood, she lost her mother at the age of 5 and ended up being raised by her grandmother along with her four siblings. Her father never allowed her to express herself about what happened and that was something that marked her and haunted her throughout her life. Fortunately, acting was a way of getting over it.

It is very good to be able to listen to these life stories and understand that we can overcome anything. Thank you ladies!


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