Compton Cowboys

This is the story of the black Compton California Cowboys

Compton Cowboys is a group that continues the legacy of black horse riders that started in 1867 with Griffit D. Compton. Nowadays they are one of the strongest groups of the Los Angeles dangerous neighborhood. Check out their story in this following article.  

What do cowboys, gangs and the Afro-American community have in common? Apparently nothing right? Well, in Compton, the story is different. 

The area of Compton grew with LA from being an empty land to a populated city. Real Estate agent Mayisha Akbar, bought a farm in the 1980s and founded the Compton Junior Posse, a sort of Boy Scouts group to teach the black cowboy culture.

Akbar had the theory that horses could keep these kids away from gangs and drugs. Compton was during those decades a crack epidemic where violence and murder was a daily issue. Akbar’s nephew, Mr. Hook, wants to expand his aunt’s program to every city in the United States. 

Nowadays, they take part in the annual Compton Christmas Parade, and they are proud to say that their culture kept many people from going to prison or dying as drug addicts. Black cowboys are also a symbol of freedom, from the times that the slaves started their new life as free men and rode horses. 

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