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How the famous Netflix intro was born

The drums everyone hears before every Netflix series or film has become a symbol of the brand. One podcast revealed the amazing creative process behind the 3-second sound that has already made history. Watch the video below!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The story was revealed in a podcast called Twenty Thousand hertz.
  • They are specialized in sound effects for television, films and video games.
  • Product vice-president of Netflix, Todd Yellin, told the interesting details.

Several House of Cards fans thought the sound was from a scene of Frank Underwood (played by actor Kevin Spacey), but it was later discovered that the presentation existed before the series was even streamed.

The name of the sound is officially known in the company as "ta-dum" and it was made by Oscar-winning sound engineer Lon Bender.

Todd Yellin. Source: Adobe

After 20 options presented, the daughter of Yellin made her choice and her father went with it. The mix of a dramatic and interest sound with a touch of "film" made the sound perfect. The rest, is history. Check the final version in the following video!


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