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The anti-racist video that gives us hope

The video shows two French girls from Paris, the capital of France, that dance and enjoy together. Hoda Kotb, the famous journalist, published a new version that has been circulating also on TikTok with two women from Los Angeles doing the exact same choreography and with the same type of clothing. The video reached millions of views and support messages from people saying they "watched this video 200 times already". Check it out!

By  Estefanía Martínez
  • Hoda Kotb net worth is close to 30 million, as she earns $7 million annually as the TV- host of the Today Show from NBC news.
  • She also receives earnings from her #1 New York Times bestseller "I really needed this today", a book about a collection of quotes that are also shown in her Instagram account with over 1.7 million followers.
  • An old video with two girls, one white and one white has emerged again on the Internet due to the anti-racism protests

Hoda has been an advocate of equality, anti-racism and culture mix due to her public personality and her Egyptian and Muslim roots. She also survived breast cancer and is a public figure in this topic supporting women around the world having this problem.

Hoda Kotbaccepting the award for "Dateline NBC: The Education of Ms. Groves"

There is also another video that reached more than 100 million views where two toddlers hug eachothers, and they were even invited to Ellen DeGeneres talk show!

Emotional comments on Hoda Kotb video. Source: Instagram

Sometimes, one gesture is worth more than 1000 words and this is definitely the case. 

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