Ariana Grande at the VMAs 2020

These are the most eccentric looks of the VMA's 2020

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but this year it took a lot of effort to the entertainment industry to deliver what we needed the most during lockdown: entertainment. Some things turned out to be unique and special in a good way, and some of them, well, not so much.... continue reading to see the most eccentric and awkward looks from this year MTV video music awards

• For the first time ever, the VMA's were outdoors.
• Celebrities didn't quarantined for 14 days, but they were not allowed to attend any tourist spot.
• All dancers were asked to stay masked during the show.

VMA's logo. Source: Twitter

MTV video music awards were very unique and special this year. For good reasons, the event was hosted for the afro-american actress and singer Keke Palmer. This is the first time a women of color hosts the event since 1986. Super revolutionary for the history of the awards.

In the other hand, there were performers who stood up in a bad way for how badly they were dressed. Lady Gaga, Machine Kelly and Madison Beer lead the list of worst dressed, and there is a reason why.

Lady Gaga is well known for her eccentric looks. Nobody is ever gonna forget the time she showed up on a meat dress. In case you don't remember, here's a photo from 2010:

Lady Gaga's outfit choice for 2010. Source: Twitter

This time around the artist sticked to the dramatic looks she often delivers. Gaga surprised us with a pandemic themed look, and it's wrong in so many ways, but we're gonna let you be the judge:


Machine Kelly's choice was also listed as one of the worst choices. He dressed up all in bright pink, apparently inspired by Ken Doll (Barbie's boyfriend):

Last but not least,  Maddison Beer showed up looking very good. Still, many people thinks her dress was too sugestive and also, it looked like it was borrowed from the hosiery department:

What do you think? Would you wear any of these? Watch Miley's performance below!

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