Actress Hilary Swank and Maria Sharapova playing tennis

These are the 3 biggest female athletes in history

Excessive sizes can bring coordination problems, but they also bring benefits that can be applied to sports. These athletes remained in history for their heights, as well as their incredible performances. Check this video out to see more!

By  Estefania Martínez

1. Maria Sharapova: 6 ′ 2″. She was number 1 in the world in tennis (WTA ranking) and also one of the tallest. Her beauty earned her millions of dollars in advertising contracts.

2. Blanka Vlasic: 6 ′ 3″. Athletics competitor, she set the record for high jump, with a mark of over 6 ′ 2″, more than her own height! 3.

Lisa Leslie: 6 ′ 5″. She was part of the women's basketball team at the Olympics and today she is an actress. How difficult it must be to find suitable clothes for her!

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