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These TikTokers are making millions on the video sharing app.

Forbes recently released a report where they estimated which artists are making more money and why. Some big TikTok celebrities are even making six figure earnings every year. Yes that's absolutely correct. The stars take sponsorships, paid ads, make commercial appearances and later introduce personal merchandise. Let's have a look at the detail the report has.  

  • TikTok is a Chinese video sharing app owned by ByteDance.
  • The app was released in 2016 and has 800 million active users.
  • They surpassed other social media platforms specially after the lockdown began.

The speed that it's growing with each passing day with millions of new users is crazy! It has enabled people to earn from it, and big money!

The fame unlocks their luck to become rich in less than a year. As you read previously how celebrities charge per sponsored post on Instagram, the game is the same here on TikTok. The only difference is TikTok has its own celebrities. They are not from Hollywood, neither are they famous YouTube sensations rather they are the ones who have gained earnings and made a fandom through the app. Forbes recently released the first ever report regarding how much these young celebrities earn. Let's have a look at who is making more money on the platform.

1. Addison Rae Easterlings

Addison during her TikToks

The TikToker has 58 million followers as of August 2020. She made her account a year ago when she was a freshman at LSU. She explained that after she crossed one million followers on the app, strangers started to recognize her and asked for selfies. Addison left the college right then and there and moved to Los Angeles to cash the opportunities coming her way. The star has since collaborated with American Eagle, introduced a podcast with her mother “Mama Knows Best," and now has her own makeup line called Item Beauty. She has a net income of $5 million after joining the space.

2. Charlie D'Amelio

The 16 years old Charlie joined the platform last year in June. After having some of her videos go viral the TikTok star was invited by singer Bebe Rexha to join her at the Barclay center in Brooklyn for the opening of the Jonas brothers. She had sponsorship deals with Hollister and EOS as well. The star makes $4 million.

3. Dixie D'amelio

Charlie D'amelio's sister is also a TikTok sensation. The sisters left their homes for Los Angeles to pursue the collaborations offered. The sisters also signed deals with the clothing brand Hollister and Morphe, a make up brand together. Dixie is also making her own fortune solely by releasing her first debut song “Be Happy” in June that accumulated 75 million streams and became the No.1 trending video on YouTube. The celebrity brings in 2.9 million dollars from her fame.

4. Loren Gray

The star earns 2.6 million yearly. Since she gained her fame she has released 8 singles. She has had deals with Hyundai, a car brand, Burger King and Sketchers, a footwear company. She is now focusing on her new Revlon deal by creating content for the brand's TikTok account. Loren thinks that the 60 seconds long video producing platform gives her a lot of creative freedom.

5. Josh Richards

The young lad who lives near Toronto Canada has 21.4 million followers on TikTok. He gets paid 1.5 million dollars through TikTok. Though he's done many traditional sponsorship deals with Reebok, Houseparty and had a merch line. He's found bigger things like his own talent management company called TalentX and his own drink business Ani Energy.

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