Devin Allen

The ultimate revenge for a cheater fiancé

A woman from Pennsylvania found out her fiancé was cheating on her just 3 months before their wedding. She founded a company to support the people who need to call of their weddings and her TikTok videos are an online sensation. Check this incredible story below.  

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Devin Allen is now 31 years old and found suspicious messages on her laptop.
  • By accident, she started receiving all of his texts in her computer.
  • They were together for six years until the break up.

Devin is now revealing all the signals one needs to pay attention to if you're thinking that your couple is cheating on you. Her company is called d.i.y.BreakUp and they offer "tips, blogs and good vibes while connecting with other d.i.y. members like you!"

On her TikTok’s, she explains how her ex-boyfriend would try to hide his cellphone from her or move the screen towards him so that she couldn't read. "On one occasion he received a text saying what a wonderful night they've spent". He responded that he "couldn't marry anyone who didn't trusted him".

After she dumped him, she posted everything she did on a "single’s holiday", going to Las Vegas, a Beyoncé concert and even meeting gorgeous basketball players.

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