Bugatty Baby

The ultimate Bugatti electric car toy for millionaires

Bugatti, the French luxury car manufacturer has done it again. After presenting their chiron and veyron models, that celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Simon Cowell, Chris Brown and Tom Brady bought, they are presenting the new toy for millionaires. Check it out!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The first electric car by Bugatti was launched in 1931 and its name was Type 56.
  • Now, the new "Baby II", a replica of the 1920 Type 35' Grand Prix model has been launched.
  • It is the ultimate "toy" that costs from $35.000 to $70.000 dollars.

The French, German based company joined forces with The Little Car Company, a London firm specialized in building "junior" cars. Their mission is to "allow the joy of driving to be shared across generations", according to their website.

1920s Bugatti Type 35. Source: Bugattibaby

Hopefully, paying that much money for a toy will bring not only joy, but almost any mechanical problem!

This beast has a battery of 1.4 kWh and 5.8 horsepower (the Tesla S has 85 kWh and 500HP) reaching a maximum speed of 31 miles (ca. 50 km) per hour.

Experts from Autoblog are saying it might break the record of the most expensive scale car in the world. The price doesn't include a mansion to drive it around, so you better start searching for some real estate.

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