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The story of how Tesla employees are now multi-millionaires

Picture this: you are a young engineer, you start in this new company from an eccentric South African multi-millionaire called Elon Musk who says he wants to be the greatest car company in the world. You are like "mmm ok..." but you keep working because they pay you good, it's close to your home and you are helping climate change. Years later, you earn millions. How? Check the story below. 

  • When Tesla first started, the electric giant offered grant options to almost every position as a part of the employee contract.
  • The prices of those shares increased over the years (this year only more than 200%).
  • Even some production associates became rich the last years. 

Some current executives are a great example to show how they earned so much money. 

Tesla employees can be happy for their shares. Source: Forbes

Zachary Kirkhorn is the current CFO of the company and has 1831 shares. Those are now worth over $16 million dollars. Fun fact? He is in his 30s. 

Drew Baglino, Chief of power systems is one of the best Tesla engineers, and he has been 14 years with the company. Oh, yeah, he has also more than $5 million in shares.  

Elon Musk giving a Tesla factory tour

The last, but not least, Elon Musk. The CEO of the company has shares that are worth over $45 billion dollars. He also gave some to his brother who is in the Director’s board, and he has a couple of $170 million in shares. Not bad, Elon, not bad. 

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