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5 American celebrities who became billionaires

Being a celebrity has it perks. A lot of them. Specially, having the opportunity of dollars raining to you after you become extremely popular. Oprah, Michael Jordan, George Lucas and Donald Trump have a lot of dollars in common. Watch the video below to learn from their inspiring story. 

By  sdupont
  • Donald Trump was the richest president in the United States and Harry S. Truman, the poorest, without reaching a net worth of a million dollars.
  • MIchael Jordan is the richest athlete of all time, even richer than current soccer stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 
  • Oprah is the richest female American celebrity, and she is the typical story from rags to riches, having grew up in poverty in her hometown of Mississippi. 

1) Michael Jordan - Net worth: $1 billion 

Michael Jordan

Well, you probably know the story of this basketball player. He was basically the greatest player in history, but he also did a number of business deals with restaurants, car dealerships and clothing brands like Air Jordan with Nike. He also owns part of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. 

2) Mark Cuban - Net worth: $3 billion 

Mark Cuban

He has certainly become a celebrity after his appearances in ABC TV show Shark Tank, his friendships with Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham and being the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks. He made his fortune by selling his former website to Yahoo and started investing in several other branches. 

3) Oprah Winfrey - Net worth: $3 billion

Oprah Winfrey

She is the ultimate TV diva. She made her money on TV and added hundreds of businesses like magazines and TV networks. Oprah is one of the most accomplished black women in business in the world.

4) Donald Trump - Net worth: $4 billion

President Donald Trump

 The former President of the United States is the first billionaire president in our country’s history. He became a celebrity after running his TV show "The Apprentice" and being the face for beauty pageants like Miss USA and Miss Universe. He started his fortune with real estate deals all over the world. 

5) George Lucas - Net worth: $5 billion

George Lucas

 This Californian filmmaker has become not only a celebrity but also a great entrepreneur. He sold his company LucasFilms to Disney, and he is still earning money from his deal of the Star Wars film saga. 


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