The reason why TV show Cobra Kai is a worldwide sensation

“No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.” Sensei Miyagi told Daniel. One of the many famous quotes in the 1984 famous action movie, The Karate Kid. Now the franchise sequel is making headlines all over the world, but why? Take a look at the trailer 90 million people viewed.

  • Number one show in the United States in Netflix.
  • Filming of season 3 began and will be released in 2021.
  • 90 million views on YouTube for their first episode.

This spin-off begins 34 years after Daniel La Russo defeated his nemesis Johnny Lawrence at the Karate Tournament. There are many nods to memorable scenes from the original box-office hit. The show writers are obviously longtime fans of this classic film trilogy.

Pat Morita in a scene from the Karate Kid movie (1984)

Despite the death of actor Pat Morita in 2005 Daniel's sensei, Mr.Miyagi is very present throughout the series. The writers continue adding reasons for the main characters to hate each other in the present too. While Daniel lives in a mansion, Johnny lives in a run-down apartment.

Cobra Kai is making headlines not only for its connection to the 80s film but with its controversial topics and debatable issues. Watch this incredible video of the action packed TV show below:


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