Queen of England

The reason why Queen Elizabeth II doesn't have a passport

Despite having visited over 100 countries in her 70+ years of reign, the Queen of England doesn't have a passport. The reason and other benefits will make you want to be her. Check it out!

By  Kelsey Miller

Great power comes with great responsibility...and benefits!

  • Her Majesty owns all the dolphins and swans in the United Kingdom, according to a 12th century rule.
  • She never went to school, learned everything with private tutors at her castle.
  • The Queen doesn't pay taxes, nor can she go to jail. She is above all.
Queen of England and her husband, Prince Phillip. Source: Alamy

The cover of English passports have the symbol of the Queen (Royal Arms shield) and every one is issued "in the name of Her Majesty". Because every document is issued in her name, she doesn't need one. Her sons like Prince Charles or Andrew and their families need to have one, and they get the special treatment of "diplomatic status" meaning that they should be treated with more respect by the authorities, have immunity and don’t need to pay taxes or travel fees.

The Queen and her family. Source: Adobe Stock

Despite American passports are issued under the name of the Secretary of State, he still needs to have one because he isn't the sovereign of the United States.

The Argentinian passport of Pope Francis. Source: AFP/Getty

Even the Pope Francis has one, and he chose to renew his Argentinian one to show he is humble and simple like any other human! Not the Queen, though.

Watch other secret facts about the Queen in the following 30-second video:

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