Thomas and Meghan Markle

The real reason why Meghan's father didn't go to her wedding

The new book, where the Dukes of Sussex tell their official story will be on sale on August 11th. Some extracts reveal several mysteries about the most famous couple in the world with extreme details. Check them out!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • British and American journalists Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie will publish "Finding Freedom" on August 11th, and they sent the first advances to the media: the Royal Family is in shock!
  • The discussions, hierarchies that needed to be respected and the abnormal life of a member of the Royal family tired both Harry and Meghan.
  • Harry was stuck between two worlds, and he decided to leave his old world behind in order to start a new adventure in America with his new family.

Apparently, Meghan tried to convince him even the night before, despite his treason of telling secrets of the "Suits" actress to the media. His dad managed to cut a deal and take 30% of 130.000 dollars a magazine earned for photos of Thomas going to a shop to read about her daughter’s wedding: it was all a lie.

Staged photo of Thomas Markle. Source: The Grosby Group

Meghan called him telling him the Royal Palace stuff found out about the deal, and they were going to do everything possible to stop the spreading of the news. The father acted the photo shooting and it was a scandal that everybody found out. The image of Thomas Markle was on ruins.  Despite everything, Meghan insisted that he should still come to the wedding, but his dad didn't pick the phone: their relationship was already damaged.

The wedding of Harry and Meghan. Source: Getty Images

Meghan blamed herself, but nothing was going to stop her wedding. She had the most amazing day ever and who knows, maybe some day she will have the same relationship with his dad as when she was a young teenage girl wanting to be an actress.

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