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The new 'Selling Sunset' TV show: Million Dollar Beach House

The mix between luxury real estate, extremely good-looking cast and amazing views is a combination that Netflix wants to benefit from: We saw the new TV series based in the Hamptons, New York, made a team analysis and the results are hilarious!

  • Like Selling Sunset, the series focus on an international real estate brokerage called Nest Seekers International.
  • Unlike the Oppenheim Group that every broker is a woman, Nest has all male (and good-looking) employees except for a woman, Peggy Zabakolas.
  • The drama in the team, discussions and VIP clients are part of the success from this new series.

Stunning beach views, male cast that looks taken from a magazine and multimillion houses. What else can you ask? In the Yaay redaction we decided to look for the first episode all together and then go our separate ways to make an analysis and make a comparison with Selling Sunset. We divided our teams in an all male (M) and all female group (F). And here are our results:

(M): We loved the characters, they are the typical funny, kinda "almost too many" chill vibes that a lot of people would love to hang out with. Despite that, we love the balance in Selling Sunset between guys and girls and the role they play.

(F): Absolutely love the cast in Million Dollar House. They are way more real, "down to Earth" and relatable characters than the "fake" ones from Selling Sunset.

The Hamptons mansions

(M): Way interesting the houses showed here than in Selling Sunset. The drone views and paradises beaches make it unique.

(F): We loved the houses from the Hamptons in relation to Los Angeles.

Peggy is the only woman from the brokerage.

(M): It's enough, but it isn't as catchy as Selling Sunset. You don't finish an episode and want to see the next one.

(F): Kinda boring and forced drama. Normally, guys are lay back and the brokers seem kinda "forced" to play their part, while in Selling Sunset they really felt that connection and you always wanted to see more.

Conclusion from both teams:
Netflix launched it with great timing, in the middle of the Selling Sunset hype, and it's ok but it isn't mind-blowing. We are not sure how many seasons can they have without people getting bored. Still, great business strategy and quick production. Speaks of a company that knows how to ride the wave at the right time.

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