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The most recent updates on the Venice Film Festival 2020

This year has been different in so many ways that finding out that some major events like The VMAs or in this case the Venice Film Festival, are taking place has been like rain in the desert. Keep reading to find out the event's latest news.

  • Count Giuseppe funded The Venice Film Festival in 1932.
  • The most prestigious award given at the festival in The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, one of its previous winners is Sofia Coppola.
  • It takes place on the Lido Island in Italy.


The 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival has begun on September 2nd and will continue until September 12th. But of course, many things are and will be different this year.

Strict safety measures have been established to avoid COVID-19 contagion. Mandatory face masks for everyone, social distancing, and keeping the public away from the red carpet were part of the protocol.

Attendants to The Venice Film Festival posing with face masks, respecting the protocol.

Movies like the romantic drama "Lucci" by Daniele Luchetti or Almodovar's "The Human Voice" are due to be displayed this year. Tilda Swinton, actress and Chanel Ambassador not only appeared in an elegant outfit on the red carpet but was also awarded with the Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The talented artist expressed how happy she was for the industry to be able to pull out this festival after so many of them being canceled like The Cannes Festival in May.

Tilda Swinton happy with her award for lifetime achievement.

Everybody is concerned about the future of the film industry but I think that the fact that festivals are being held and more social and entertainment activities are being allowed means that we are going to overcome this pandemic as long as we respect and care for each other. Stay tuned for more updates these days.

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