Marichka Padalko

The moment when a TV host loses a tooth during broadcast

Marichka Padalko, Ukranian TV host, lost a tooth during a live transmission and the video hit the Internet in minutes. Check the following video next!

  • She kept calm and continued her speech without alarming the public.
  • "I thought it was going to go unnoticed" confessed Marichka Padalko.
  • A blogger uploaded the video and went viral.

"I underestimated the level of attention of those who see us" said the host after the video went viral. She took it with humor and recommended to the viewers "regardless the situation, stay calm".

The famous journalist

According to several journalists, this was one of the most curious experiences in the last 30 years. This is an interesting aspect of live transmissions, there could always be a surprise waiting.

On YouTube, there are several bloopers to see, and this will be probably go for the records. She received thousands messages of support saying how well she handled the situation.

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