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The love story everybody needed: The only photo of a wedding

The only picture of a wedding in New York was taken by a stranger that captured the moment when the couple was exchanging vows with an amazing sunset in the background. The woman traced the love birds and found them on Twitter. Read this heart-warming story below!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Nevona Friedman took the picture of this amazing story.
  • She was walking in Brooklyn and saw that nobody except the couple and the minister was there.
  • Surprised by the lack of photographer, she took an amazing photo and managed to track the couple down.
The couple Nevona took

After the amazing situation she spotted, Nevona decided to post it on Twitter and start an online search of the couple. She wrote "if you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I've got some photos for you!"

Only one day later, she found the couple and sent the pictures. Nikolina Kovalenko and Stefan Ponova met in Colombia while traveling and decided to married during the pandemic.

Nevona Friedman

They said "the only thing we needed was to seal our love and nothing else". Nikolina also wants to throw a party for her family and friends after the situation calms down. People on Twitter wrote things like "this is all you need", "the photo will give them joy for a lifetime" and "this is an entire romance novel".

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