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The kindest Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood

Despite government efforts around the world to stop the pandemic, releasing funding and developing vaccines, sometimes celebrities step up to help the population. Read about the incredible story of one of the most beloved Bollywood actors, next.

  • Sonu Sood is a celebrity in India due to his famous films Arundhati, Simmba and Kung Fu Yoga.
  • His net worth is $17 million.
  • Sood is trying to follow model Priyanka Chopra’s step and starting conquering United States film industry, Hollywood.

The new India superhero donated 25.000 face masks to the police of the city of Maharashtra. He said "they are risking their lives every day to help our population, so I wanted to show them my appreciation".

Surely taking advantage of the situation, he is in a new project about writing a book from his doings during the pandemic. It will reflect the journey and satisfaction of helping others during natural disasters and economic crisis. From his experience he shared "I found new friends and made deeper connections with people I can now call my friends".

If you liked the article, you can get more details about his work in the following video:

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