Chris Hemsworth

The impossible intensity training of actor Chris Hemsworth

For his action movies like Extraction, Thor and The Avengers, Chris needs to be fit. The Australian is not only multi-millionaire, but tall and handsome. Some might call it genetics, he calls it the "Devil’s Workout". Check it out!

  • His personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, prepared a 25-minute training that is almost impossible to achieve.
  • The goal? To make it through 6 rounds of 6 different exercises with 6 repetitions.
  • 666 is the number often associated with the devil.

Weighting 220lb, Chris has a tough time for building not only muscle, but also being athletic and fast for his action films. The exercises involve squats, chinups, kettlebell lunges, biceps and triceps as well as back and shoulders with the TRX (suspension training that uses body weight).

Chris excercise with ropes

The rope training has been around since the 1800s, but is now back again after a Navy Seal Randy Hetrick developed it more after a deployment in Afghanistan, where they didn´t had many options to workout and used parachute webbing. 

We weren't afraid to try this at home, but managed to do 4 weeks with his fitness app called Centr and here are the results:

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