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The ideal workout according to your celebrity body type

We revealed already which body type have different celebrities, and there are three different ones from which every one of us can identify. Now, depending on the body you have you should follow a certain diet. Check it out!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • The three types are called: endomorphs, ectomorphs and mesomorphs.
  • The Kardashian sisters meet the requirements for every body shape.
  • Check out yours to see which diet you should follow!

Endomorph: Curvy and short. Skip carbs like pasta and rice and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Focus your proteins in lean meats, dry nuts and fish.

Kendall Jenner

Ectomorph: tall and skinny. You should eat carbs because you're not gaining weight, your genetic rocks! Focus on the healthy ones like quinoa, brown rice and avoid white bread. Protein will also help you with your muscle tone.

Mesomorph: Big bones and muscle. Balanced diet between carbs and proteins. Be careful with sugar because you have a tendency to gain weight. Nevertheless, you will need protein like meat for your bones and muscle.

Check out this video to see how celebrities loose weight!

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