Regina King at the Emmys

The heartwarming support to 'Black lives matter' at the Emmys

Despite on how the Emmy awards' ceremony took place, all the artists that were present had the chance of making statements with their outfits' choice. Many of them dressed in support of the 'Black lives matter' movement and moved us to tears. Check out the supporting outfits down below!

  • 'Black Lives Matter' is a movement against police's incidents brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.
  • The Emmy Awards are those that recognize excellence within diverse areas of television and other emerging media.
  • The 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards was online. Therefore, many artists chose to support the 'Black lives matter' movement with their clothing's elections.

Regina King was the first example of the artists that supported the movement. She wore a shirt printed with Breonna Taylor's name and image. Taylor was a 26-year-old nurse killed in March 2020 by the police during the gunfire.

“The cops still haven’t been held accountable. She represents decades, hundreds of years of just, violence against black bodies, Breonna Taylor does,” explained King to reporters.

Uzo Aduba also paid tribute to the unjustly killed assistant by wearing a t-shirt with Taylor’s name on it.

Sterling K. Brown at the Emmy Awards 2020

Sterling K. Brown wore a t-shirt under a black suit jacket. His shirt had printed on it a raised fist and the letters 'BLM' that stands for 'Black Lives Matter'.

The strong hand of the stamp also appeared on the Emmy-nominee Yvonne Orji, who had it shaved into her hair.

Sandra Oh's Instagram story. Source: Instagram

The actress Sandra Oh sported a custom bomber jacket to express her feelings. 'It says ‘Black Lives Are Precious’ in Korean writing because the literal translation of Black Lives Matter is impossible in Korean' she explained.

The 'Watchmen' creator Damon Lindelof also had a t-shirt that said 'Remember Tulsa '21'. And said in his speech: 'The fires that destroyed Black Wall Street still burn today. The only way to put the fires out is if we all fight them together'.

These awards were definitely different from all the previous ones, and not only because of the virtual modality in which they were carried out.

'Black Lives Matter' supported at the Emmys

The visibility of some problems in society, such as the injustices suffered by black people only because of their skin color, brought to this Emmys' edition a huge degree of awareness.

Thank you to all the ones that show us things like this to make us better persons!

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