Prince Charles and Camilla

The haunted house of the British Royal family

This family have great stories and incredible facts, but never something out of reality. Prince Charles and Camila Parker Bowls have set one of their houses on sale because it's "haunted". Check it out!

  • The house price is 4.4 million dollars.
  • It is located in the little town of Allington, Wiltshire (England) and it´s called Bolehyde Manor.
  • It was built 500 years ago and has 8 bedrooms, pool and even a tennis court with a land of over 40 acres.
The home was built 500 years ago

Of course, there are several guest and employees houses. According to sources close to the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) thinks there are ghosts inside.

The funny noises of the house scare the owners

Every time she goes she hears weird noises and can't sleep well.

Charles and Camilla laughing...or scared? Source:Getty Images

Over the years several famous people have stay there as guests of the royal family and it is said that the house is the place where Charles met his former wife, Princess Diana, and also the place where, when they were married, he visited his lover at the time, Camilla.

Lady Di and Prince Charles when they first met. Source: Getty Images

Could all be true? The fact is, the soon-to-be-king doesn't want his past hunting him anymore.

Check out other Royal residences in this following video:


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