Naya Rivera and her son Naya Rivera and her son

Farewell rituals to Naya Rivera, who drowned in California

Thousands of people posted about the tragic death of Glee actress Naya Rivera. Her family united for a moment of grief in Lake Piru, California, and they were pictured crying but also doing the ritual similar to what surfers do for their colleagues in a circle of water. The Glee cast also joined a couple of days later to do the same. Celebrities like Demi Lovato, Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Ricky Martin expressed their pain in social media. Check the following article out! 

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The musical TV actress who plays Santana Lopez in the show Glee disappeared while sailing in Lake Piru, California, while sailing with her son.
  • Her father, ex-husband, mother, brother and cousin reunited in the place where she was last seen and looked for her with the authorities via boats, swam in the water and also performed a goodbye ritual. 
  • The majority of the cast of Glee including Heather Morris, her close friend, were there. 
  • Other celebrities expressed their condolences in social media. 

The Hollywood industry is still in shock after one week of stress and confusion with the disappearance of the actress while sailing in Lake Piru, California. After the body was found and recognized, Rivera´s friends and family could get their closure. 

The mother is seen is distraught. Source: DailyMail

The last pictures seen of the family and friends at the lake reveal the actress´ mother confusion and the grief of the rest of the family on the lake. Her brother Michael was also there, and he swam in the lake with her father. They both also went with the authorities to look for the body. Divers, helicopters and boats looked for the body, but the low visibility of the lake, muddy waters made it nearly impossible and it took 7 days to find it.

Father and son. Source: DailyMail

At the end of the day, they did a ritual where they splashed themselves in water forming a circle,  a clear goodbye from their relative. It was an emotional moment where, somehow, they reunited with Naya again.

The goodbye ritual. Source: DailyMail

Ryan Dorsey, the father of the 4-year-old son, was also there. The cast of Glee joined and prayed together while holding hands watching the Lake Piru. 

Glee cast holding hands in Lake Piru, California

Heather Morris, is also an actress in the TV series "Glee" and she made a desperate attempt to help with the case. She was Rivera's close friend and used Twitter to ask if she could participate in the search groups. She posted this last photo of their children playing as a goodbye tribute:

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin posted an emotional picture with the singer. They both worked together filming an emotional episode of the TV series Glee, where Rivera played "Santana Lopez".

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow also shared an emotional post, from when she sang together with Naya:

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