Cardi B with her reebok collection Cardi B with her reebok collection

The trending business model for celebrities

After the incredible news that Internet star Bella Thorne made $1 million in one day of opening an account in the fan subscription service from OnlyFans, we examine the business models for celebrities. From OnlyFans to Cameo and PPV, everything below!

  • Major companies like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon have a subscription based revenue model.
  • For a “small” amount of money paid monthly, users get to enjoy major benefits.
  • Celebrities like singer Cardi B, YouTuber Logan Paul and Athletes are using different platforms to exploit their huge amount of followers.
Bella Thorne made millions on OnlyFans. Source: Getty

Think of it like this: you have millions of “clients” ready to buy ANYTHING from you. What do you do? You search products, content or merchandising to sell to them!

The #1 YouTube channel from the United States, Dude Perfect, started selling clothing, basketballs and even beans with their named on it. YouTuber Logan Paul created The Maverick Club, for VIP members to have video calls, exclusive clothing and even participate in $10.000 cash giveaways for just 20 dollars per month.

Cardi B opened an OnlyFans account to show “behind the scenes” exclusive videos from her latest hit WAP. Even if a fraction of those millions of followers are willing to pay a small amount of money, the limit is the sky. With fans all over the world, there is sure many people that pay to see more and feel part of the club. Bella Thorne is the perfect example of that.
Another great example is the website Cameo, where you can pay for your favorite celebrity to make a personalized video. The most expensive entertainer is former boxer champion Floyd Mayweather, who is also the richest athlete alive. His goal? Being the first celebrity of the website to earn a million dollars.

Mayweather profile on Cameo

Talking about Floyd, how about Logan Paul, his next oponent on the ring? The 26-year-old has a net worth of 30 million, dated Victoria's Secret model Josie Canseco, and makes millions selling NFT's, Pokemon cards and PPV streaming of his fights.

It's undeniable that he is a business savvy entrepreneur that knows how to exploit his fame and followers. Sure, he has been in serious controversies but we saw him mature, change and becoming an adult in a matter of two years. Let's remember he is a college dropout who abandoned his parent's dreams of him becoming an engineer and went to pursuit his dream and we admire for that. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Regardless of which method, why to spend the hustle and work to travel across the world for a meet and greet where nowadays you can make millions from your home? We are sure more celebrities are going to start to work with their fans as assets and keep cashing big checks.

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