Charlize Theron

The day actress Charlize Theron was caught talking trash

The South African actress and supermodel was caught up during her secret language exchange with her mother, a situation that led her to have the greatest shame of her life. Watch the video below.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • The multi-millionare mom and activist was born in South Africa.
  • In the continent, several languages are spoken, including Afrikaans, a mix between Dutch and the native tongues.
  • Charlize uses it with her family when she doesn't want anyone understanding her.
  • Watch the hilarious video of the story when she visited the British James Corden Late Night Show:

When you have the gift of speaking a language almost anyone speaks, not even in South Africa (only 13% of the population), there is a major possibility that you will use it as a secret weapon. The actress was in a flight to the United States and spoke with her mom about a very rude gentleman that was in front of them.
Charlize Theron and her mom. Source: Getty Images
After talking trash and destroying him, the person turned around and answered them in Afrikaans. After the episode, she and her mom started being more careful about where they would use their tactic!

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