Corinna Larsen and Juan Carlos Corinna Larsen and Juan Carlos

The dark side of Spain’s former King Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos has abdicated and left the throne to his son, Felipe. The former king had several dramatic episodes concerning corruption with his son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, illegal hunting and rumors of infidelity that are now back to catch up with him. Read this story below.

  • His net worth is $20 million dollars.
  • The rumors of infidelity with Corinna Larsen, a German aristocrat have been haunting the Royal Spanish Crown.
  • She wasn't only his lover, but shady business partner for different ventures the King is accused with corruption.
King Juan Carlos I and Corinna. Source: Alamy

Larsen is the ex-wife of the German prince Casimir zu Sayn-Wittgenstein. After her divorce, she started seeing King Juan Carlos in secret, often in London, where the King purchased a multi-million apartment with extreme privacy. Corinna came to light after organizing the famous hunting trip to Botswana, Africa, where Juan Carlos was photographed with a death elephant.

Former King Juan Carlos hunting elephants in Botswana

Now, a judge called Manuel García Castellón opened a case where the relationship between a right-hand man of the King, Juan Manuel Villarejo (accused of money laundering) and Corinna Larsen. They allegedly talked about the shady businesses of the Spanish monarch. Police found tapes where the conversations between Villarejo and Corinna were recorded.

Corinna Larsen

Authorities claimed the King is mentioned frequently.
Juan Carlos is also accused of a bribe of almost $100 for the construction of a high-speed train to Mecca in the Arab Emirates, where he officiated as the connection of AVE, the train company.

Recently, his son, Felipe had a controversy with revealing numbers of the cost of his honeymoon. Check it out! 

Let’s see what happens in this hit to the Spanish Royal Crown.

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