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The bizarre and shocking demands of TV host Ellen DeGeneres

The whole world is in shock after Warner Media will be conducting an internal investigation to the Ellen DeGeneres show amid intimidation, bullying and racist claims against the Hollywood LGBTQ star. Check out the video below!  

  • A while ago, comedian Kevin Porter asked fans to share the most crazy stories they knew about Ellen DeGeneres. He offered them $2 donation for each story to the fundraiser from Los Angeles Food Bank.

  • Most of what has come to light will shock you

  • Australian TV producer Neil Breen said he wasn't allowed to look at her.

Some anecdotes that came out were truly astonishing: Ellen firing her 5-year head writer for not crossing a picket line, employees from the Ellen Show not being allowed to talk to the star and much more. One time DeGeneres complained about the nail polish from a server at a restaurant. Also, they said that she has a "sensible nose" so everybody must chew gum before talking to her.
Tennis player Novak Djokovic and Ellen DeGeneres
All these claims were confirmed by a former Australian TV executive Neil Breen that confirmed the stories after working with her during her Asia tour: " I wasn't allowed to speak or to even look at her". Nobody said anything at the time about the toxic environment and Ellen had the voice and vote on everything, from directing to lighting and sound.
The issue became more serious after a former employee attempted suicide. Now, Warner Media and Key Code Media are going to search the situation to the bottom. We are expecting more news to come to light. Write to contact@yaay.today if you happen to have any story related to this topic, we will be happy to share!

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