Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey

The amazing life of Hollywood comedian Woody Harrelson

The famous actor, born in Texas has a lot to tell. He opens up and is honest about what his life is and was. Check it out!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • Woody Harrelson has a net worth of over $60 million.
  • He is close friends with Mathew McConaughey, after both starred on different films together like Surfer, Dude, Welcome to Hollywood and HBO’s True Detective series.
  • He is a strong marijuana supporter and smoker.

From wearing pajamas to the film premiere of "The Hunger Games" to being the center of attention in the Wimbledon’s tennis tournament for discussing with a security guard, Woody is sure unique.

Wearing Pajamas at the Hunger Games premiere. Source: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

And his originality is also part of his generousness that everybody loves in his films. His easy life in Malibu surrounded by friends and family, doing kite-surf and enjoying life could be the perfect style for any American, but not everything is fun: he works hard, managing to play even 5 movies in a year.

Woody harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey

Like he says "I am greedy for a good role". He has been with his supportive wife for over 25 years and has 3 daughters that make him a better person. He is a strong critic about the current Trump’s administration and was even invited to join the Democratic Party with his friend, Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor. The life of Harrelson seems to be going to the right path, after having a difficult youth with his dad in jail for being a murderer and him having several authorities encounters after being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Like he said when asked why he was wearing pajamas, it is all in the name of "peace, love and comfort".

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