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The Twilight Saga is back! Midnight Sun is finally published

Stephenie Meyer, the author behind the vampire series, had announced back in 2008 that she planned on writing Midnight Sun. Now 12 years later fans finally get to enjoy it.

  • Midnight Sun was meant to be released after the last Breaking Dawn was published in 2008, but a manuscript was leaked and so Meyer decided to hold off.
  • This last book comes 15 years after the first one, Twilight, was published.
  • It tells the story of the first book but from Edward's character point of view.

The author announced in May the release date for her book, which is a prequel to the Saga. Check out this book review by a fan who spent 11 hours straight reading it!

All four books have won multiple awards since the release pf the first book in 2005. They have all set records on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list as the biggest selling novels of 2008. And Midnight sun is already number one on Amazon's best-selling books.

Stephanie Meyer released the latest of the Twilight saga book on August 4th

Meyer wasn't sure if it was a good time to release the book due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but "It became quickly obvious that there wasn't a real end in sight with Covid," said the writer, so once she saw that she would be able to finish it she quickly started the publication process. "I knew there were people who had been waiting really kindly and patiently, but also anxiously, for quite a while". 

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