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The Simpsons need actors, and they might have met their match

Jayden Libran has been interpreting voices for years and when The Simpson's announced they would no longer hire white actors to portray other ethnic background characters, he thought he might have a shot. Check out his interview on the Australian Today Show below.

  • In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests popular TV show The Simpson's announced they wouldn't have white actors representing other ethnicities.
  • Actor Hank Azaria was one of the white actors to leave the show after 30 years.
  • Azaria voiced the character of Apu, the Indian convenience store owner since the show aired in 1990.

The Simpson's had been accused of reinforcing racial stereotypes. When Libran heard The Simpson's would no longer be hiring white actor for black or Asian characters he decided to  give it a shot himself. Check out his post on Instagram.

Libran has been working on his voices for over five years. He started posting videos on the web and now he has a lot of fan support, tens of thousands of views, and even a message from Harry Shearer, who voices several Simpson's characters like Mr. Burns, and Senator Ted Cruz.

Jayden Libran is a voice actor, puppeteer and a filmmaker,

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