The Netflix option that the public loves but filmmakers hate

Streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are taking the world of entertainment by storm. Recently, the California company added a feature to their mobile app: speed up or slow down a series or movie. Check out what experts said!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The company has 183 million subscribers in the world.
  • Other names like Kibble, Replay and Luna were considered at the start of their project.
  • Reid Hastings, the founder, tried to sell it to Blockbuster in the year 2000, but their executives rejected the idea.

Netflix's movies can be so good that sometimes we want to play them faster in order to see the end and start another one! Their best films have been carefully directed in order for the viewer to feel different emotions while watching them.

Accelerating and changing what the producers and technical staff of the film thought could "ruin their art", stated comedian and director Judd Apatow last year.

Breaking Bad actor, Aaron Paul, supported him and his opinion that said "We give you nice things. Leave them as they were intended to be seen." Company’s directors said that the users are requesting it, because with DVD and DVR they could do it and worked perfectly.

The function is limited to mobile apps, but it's expected to arrive to TV’s anytime soon. The client is always right, apparently!

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