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The British Royal protocol Maxwell had on Epstein properties

A new book reveals the intimacies within Jeffrey Epstein properties around the world. Ghislaine Maxwell, his ex-girlfriend, was in charge of administrating the mansions of the United States, the island in the Bahamas and his luxury apartment in Paris. Watch the creepy details below.

  • The author of the book is the Florida lawyer in charge of defending the victims of the disgraced financier, Bradley Edwards.
  • Ghislaine had access to the most powerful high circles in the world.
  • Accustomed to living like princess, she installed rules on all properties that are similar to those used in Buckingham Palace (England) to flatter Queen Elizabeth II.

His properties included his $77 million mansion in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a 10.000 acres ranch in New Mexico, a private island on the Bahamas, a $3 million mansion in Palm Beach (close to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort) and a luxury apartment in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Paris.

"Zorro" Ranch in New Mexico. Source: NY Times

Ghislaine was in charge of hiring the staff for the estates, and she made sure that they followed "royal" protocols like "Never look the master, Jeffrey Epstein, in the eye". Other absurd petitions included not allowed to speak unless given the permit, not to look the guests in the eyes and to enter the home separately through service doors.

Epstein and Maxwell

The Netflix documentary "Filthy Rich" reveals the role of Maxwell in hiring underage girls as masseurs for Epstein, who he later abused.

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