Amazon Delivery Man

The Amazon delivery driver who is now a celebrity

A woman called Kate Gibson Woods captured with her home security camera the moment where an Amazon employee delivered her package and managed to exercise in her porch in Virginia Beach. Check this funny video out!  

  • Scientific research confirms that exercise is beneficial for your health.
  • This Amazon delivery driver became a celebrity after the online video of the security camera went viral.
  • People called him "a hero" and "a guy who loves life".
  • The woman, a British journalist that lives in the United States, caught the moment with her doorbell that is also a video recorder. 

"Take every chance you get" might be a sentence one can apply for many things. This Amazon delivery guy, applies it to his every day to day life, where he delivers packages and apparently, uses the time to boost his energy and work on his body.

British journalist Kate Gibson Woods

In less than 30 second, he ran, jumped the stairs, took a photo of the package and managed to do some abs and push-ups before running back to the van. The driver hasn't been identified, but we all hope that he got a promotion after his incredible routine!


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