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The 3 major challenges of Emmy Awards 2020?

This year's award show will be vastly different from the previous ones because of the pandemic. It will be without any spectators. Many viewers wonder whether all award show will now be allowed without the audience. Read below to find out more!  

  • Emmy awards were first arranged at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles.
  • The admirers can watch the full show live on ABC channel.
  •  Netflix as a single network sets a new record with 160 nominations on Emmy’s 2020.

The famous comedian Jimmy Kimmel will once again host the Emmys Award show. He said that 'this year's show is harder and a completely different ball'.

1) Being a comedian it will be tough for Jimmy that he's making jokes but nobody is laughing. It is very hard when there is no interactive audiencee. He will be really missing the Emmy Awards viewers.

2)There will be no red carpet due to Covid-19. Fans will not be able to see their favourite celebrities dressed up this year. A boom light, laptop, camera and a ring light will be delivered at the homes of the Nominees.

Nominees of the Emmy awards 2020.

3) There are almost 102 acting nominees which include: Zendaya, Ted Danson, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine O’Hara, Issa Rae, Daniel Levy and many more celebrities.

What do you think that this award show will look like?

Watch how the Emmy Awards  will take place in 2020 below:

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