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The 3 healthy tips from actress Halle Berry!

The American actress is known for her ‘Kickboxing Workout’ style. Her iconic body is on point even after having two children. Find out her fitness secret below!

By  Kelsey Miller

•    Halle is a gifted artist with a net worth of $80 million.
•    The 5'4" tall star is a mother of two beautiful kids.
•    She was formerly married to David Justice, a 54-year-old Baseball player.

Halle Berry and personal trainer.

Berry’s workout routine is accessible to all on Instagram. According to her diet plan, self-control and discipline are a must. Following are Halle’s advices to her followers: 

1.    “Keep your body guessing”, she said. Her trainer assigns her different exercises every week to challenge her routine.

2.    “Don’t estimate classic exercises”. She continuously switches between her old-school trainings. Berry avoids using any fancy gym equipment. She sometimes makes use of her household items while working out. 

3.    “Prioritize your diet but supplement as needed”. As a diabetic patient, the ‘Keto Diet’ helps her monitor her glucose levels.  The low-carb eating plan slows down her aging process. She consumes supplements which include green juice and bullet coffee with her other vitamins.

Watch Halle Berry’s trainer workout moves here below!

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