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The 2020 video: man shaves head to support his GF sickness

Internet loves a good love story. For that reason, this TikTok video got over 11 million views in just 2 days. Next, the video and story behind a supportive boyfriend that helps his beloved woman to overcome the adversity of her disease, alopecia.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Rex Chapman, the former NBA basketball player, a now social media influencer shared on his Twitter the video.
  • Alopecia is a condition that attacks the immune system of the hair specially.
  • The result? Massive hair loss.

While helping her girlfriend the man decided, in an act of compassion and support, to shave his own head without telling her anything. She was already holding her tears while seeing herself in the mirror, but after she realizes what he is doing, the emotions come through.

He kisses her and continues to shave his head in one of the most love-caring acts seen in the last months. After the video went viral, thousands of comments supporting the disease and other who had chemotherapy and also shaved their heads for their loved ones appeared and it created a love and passionate community of Internet strangers, that support each other.

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