Elon Musk giving a speech Elon Musk giving a speech

Tesla owner Elon Musk starts giving children advice

The South African magnate Elon Musk, president of the electric car company Tesla, posted a list about things that children need to hear and one of them was related to communism. Check it out!

  • Musk made the news recently (and again) for naming his new baby X Æ A-12. 
  • The name relates to his love for artificial intelligence and space exploration.  
  • His advice for children made a public outrage between his fans and haters.

According to the mogul, these are the things that every kid should hear:

  1. I love you
  2. I'm proud of you
  3. Sorry
  4. I forgive you
  5. I'm listening
  6. Communism failed every time it was tried
  7. You have what it takes
Musk is known for his controversial public posts

A lot of his fans stated "this should count also for adults", while others thought it wasn't funny and that communism "still works in some countries". He also stated that "Chomsky sucks", referring to the American linguist that became famous for his studies of language but also for defining himself as an "anarchist" who supports communism. 

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