7 surprising aspects about musician Elton John's life

Elton John, is pretty much an open book, but here are a few hidden facts. You are going to be surprised with this video!

By  Estefania Martinez
Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley's son, Damian
  1. He was married to a woman. His close friend and sound engineer, Renate Blauel.
  2. The name Elton John is a combination of his bandmates in Bluesology.
  3. He met his writing partner through an ad published by Liberty Records.
  4. He has collaborated with many hip hop artists such as Eminem and Kanye West.
  5. He has 2 children with his husband David Furnish.
  6. He is godfather to several celebrity kids such as Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian.
  7. He's a knight. 

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