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Studio Ghibli: First look at its new theme park that will excite fans

  This wonderful place will open its doors in November

The Studio Ghibli have announced their next attraction and this time it is not about a movie or a participation in the world of cinema but their theme park alluding to the films they have produced since their foundation in 1985. This will be a unique tour in the world that will amaze us while we know the famous places where the stories were made.

These studios are some of the most important in the world and have given us important film productions such as 'My Neighbor Totoro' and 'Howl's Moving Castle', providing not only incredible stories of fantastic adventures meeting characters full of magic, but they are also a clear example of quality in terms of its realization.

theme park illustration | @StudioGhibli

What will this theme park be like?

Its theme park will be located on the former site of the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi and will have an area of 7.1 hectares, it will also be larger than the Ghibli Museum located in Tokyo and will have areas dedicated to each of the characters that make up the stories created by these studios.

Theme Park Map | @StudioGhibli

This park will open its doors to the public on November 1 of this year and will have five areas inspired by some of his films, with 'Seishun no Oka', 'Ghibli no Daisoko' and 'Dondoko Mori' being the first three areas with which they will open the attraction to later open the areas called 'Mononoke no Sato' and 'Majo no Tani' next year.

'Ghibli no Daisoko' | @StudioGhibli

Studio Ghibli Representative Director Suzuki Toshio stated, “The spirit of the Ghibli Museum lives on and this park is an evolution of it. Surely it will meet people's expectations," said the producer. And although the price of admission is not yet clarified, it is guaranteed that the price of the ticket will be cheaper than that of a general theme park.

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