Jung Hoyeon is in the cast for this new series Jung Hoyeon is in the cast for this new series

Squid Game's Jung Hoyeon to act in new series and here's all we know so far

Jung Hoyeon has joined the cast of a new series by Alfonso Cuarón, when will it premiere?

Jung Hoyeon showed all her talents as an actress in Squid Game and she's ready for a new role in this new series by Alfonso Cuarón that you must watch.

Jung Hoyeon is an amazing model from Korea, she already had a name in the fashion world thanks to her work with various brands within the field internationally. She was in America when she decided to audition for a Korean series that would air on Netflix.

This is how she decided to be a part of the cast for 'Squid Game', a Netflix original Korean series that became extremely popular. This drama was Hoyeon's debut as an actress, where she unexpectedly shined and proved to be quite talented in front of the cameras.

Since then, the eyes of the world fell on Jung Hoyeon, who gained many more followers on social networks and her fans waited for more work from her as an actress. Well, her participation in 'Squid Game' had been simply spectacular.

Well, it seems that Hoyeon will participate very soon in a new series created by the famous director Alfonso Cuarón and here we have all the details so you don't miss it.

Jung Hoyeon joins the cast of Disclaimer, a new series by Alfonso Cuarón

Jung Hoyeon is now part of the cast of 'Disclaimer', a new series by Alfonso Cuarón that already has other actors such as Cate Blanchett, Kevin Kline and Sacha Baron Cohen. This upcoming series is about a journalist who is totally horrified to realize that she is in a novel written by a widower. Hoyeon will play the character of Kim, an ambitious, hard-working woman.

Jung Hoyeon is in the cast of Disclaimer | Twitter: @modernmodells

Do you have everything ready for this new series with Jung Hoyeon? She will surely show another facet of her as an actress in this new production with international talent.

When will Disclaimer premiere?

There is still no release date for 'Disclaimer', it is only known that it will be broadcast on AppleTV +, so we only have to wait for new details from the producer to know when we will see Jung Hoyeon in this new adventure.

We'll watcg Jung Hoyeon on AppleTV+ | Twitter: @PortalAppleTVBR

Get ready for this new series that will surely be extremely interesting, we can't wait to watch it and enjoy of Jung Hoyeon's talent.

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