Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is not over her Game of Thrones role yet

GOT’s Sansa does not seem ready to give up the North Throne. She has brought home the prop and now owns it. Fans are eager to see the Queen take her seat. Read below to find out what is going on in the English actress’s life!

By  Bruno Wahrmann

•    The 5'9" tall stunner is married to the famous Joe Jonas. 
•    The 24-year-old has a net worth of $8 million. 
•    Her first television role was as Sansa Stark, and was nominated for the Young Artist Award.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Source: Stock Adobe

Stark was crowned as the Queen in the North in season 8 after the White Walkers were defeated. A year later, Sophie put up her Instagram Story that she has welcomed the throne in her house. Her husband also shared the post on his social media caption ‘Welcome Home’.

Turner’s followers believe that she’ll always be their Queen. The throne was moved into the house a month after the couple’s daughter was born. The adorable little girl is named Willa. Her parents love her a lot. They are very happy about the new addition and enjoy spending time with the baby.

Considering the coronavirus outbreak, the couple is very particular about who comes close to the kid and the people they meet. Is the throne here for the new queen? What do you guys think?

Watch below how Mr. and Mrs. Jonas are having fun during the quarantine.

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