Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Singer Katie Perry’s natural mom style for the VMA’s

The famous singer posted a photograph on her Instagram that surprised her more than 105 million followers. The 35-year-old new mom shared a pic on her bathroom joking about her style for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards to which she couldn’t attend. Do you know why?

• Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom had their first daughter Daisy on August 26th.
• The couple broke up a while ago, but they got back together after some time apart and decided to have a child.
• The actor and the talented singer are both UNICEF ambassadors and are concerned about the needs of pregnant women and their newborn babies.

The IG story of Katy Perry during the VMAs

One of the biggest events of the music industry took place in New York City on August 30th with all the health precautions needed. It was a special event. 
Perry couldn’t attend this year,  because she had her first daughter last week. On the day of the Award Show, decided to add some humor to her current mom situation sharing a picture of herself in her bathroom with a curious maternal underwear and joked about her looks adding ‘hair and makeup by exhaustion’.

We found out the great news of the birth of Daisy Dove Bloom through their UNICEF Instagram account, as they are both ambassadors. The young couple showed their concern about the health situation of many mothers around the world and fell lucky to have had an easy delivery.

The happy couple!

The award-winning singer not only became a mother recently but also released her fifth studio album ‘Smile’, Katy’s more optimistic album after ‘Witness’ which didn’t go so well in the charts.

After her split with Bloom, they came back together and brought a beautiful flower to life. Welcome to the world beautiful Daisy!

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