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Singer Dua Lipa's funny interview to the elderly

English singer and songwriter filled in for talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and asked older people several questions about herself without revealing it was her. Watch the video to see what happened.

  • Lipa worked as a model before signing with Warner Music Group in 2015.
  • She released her self-titled debut album in 2017 that included UK number-one single "New Rules."
  • In 2018, the singer won the Brit Awards for British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act.
  • Since 14 June 2019 Lipa has been dating American model Anwar Hadid.

24-year-old Dua Lipa did virtual interviews to see how popular she was among the elderly, not that popular! The show started off with a monologue where Lipa introduces herself, confirms her real name is in fact Dua Lipa, she shows off a few of her 17 tattoos and explained that she's always trying to reach wider audiences, so she decided to conduct several interviews with seniors over the internet. "I told them I was conducting a survey about music, but didn't tell him who I was."

This is what Lipa wore for her virtual interviews with seniors

When asked if they knew who Dua Lipa was none said they did. One senior actually misheard and said "The Doobie Brothers?" which is a popular rock band from the 1970s. The singer also played them a part of her song "Break My Heart." While she didn't exactly receive huge praise, the comments weren't as bad as when she showed them photos of herself in the attempt to get the elders to recognize her. One of the elderly women said "That's terrible," when she saw the photo. "If I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to go out in that."

One of the photos the singer showed the elders

One of the women interviewed finally recognized the singer. The rest were in awe when Lipa told them she was the singer in the photo. One man said  "I'm going to run out right now and buy a CD."

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