Billie Eilish with a dog Billie Eilish with a dog

Music star Billie Eilish found love and it's really cute

The Californian singer, born in 2001, has a movie-worthy life story. She still lives with her parents, and she is one of the most political activist superstar there is. With her young age, she is an advocate for human rights, anti-racism, abortion and feminism. After having a lot of romances she is tired, and she found a new love. Check it out!   

  • The musician is usually criticized for her photos. Her haters say "she is too serious" or that "she always seems sad".
  • Her #1 hit, "Bad Guy", has almost 900 million and her #2 "Lovely" more tan 700 million views on YouTube!
  • She won several prizes including Grammys, American Music Awards and Album of the year. 
  • Billie is the icon for the "Z" generation, the young people that are now in their 20s.
Singer Billie Eilish performing with her Gucci outfit

The pop star has had many love problems in the past, even with a stalker. She had her house blurred from Google Street View after she was granted a temporary restraining order against a man who allegedly showed up at her Los Angeles home... seven times in one week!

She is super private about her love life, she only said some songs like "My Boy" had some lines about an ex that broke her heart. Another funny story: her fans even tracked her ex from school and found his Instagram! 

She publicly said she liked Justin Bieber but apparently all of that is in the past: Her new love is a puppy. She was seen smiling and happy. It seems that she fell in love, and now she has a permanent smile! She adopted not only one, but two: Jem and Maude. They were named after Hareper Lee's novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Billie with her dog when he was just a little baby
She even wears baggy clothes every time she goes outside her house. The famous musician has made no secret of the fact that she tends to favor loose-fitting attire to prevent people from idealizing her body, an ideal she doesn't see that changing in the near future. 
She shared a video recently and the dog is huge after 4 months! Quarantine for him was a success. She took him in California to check out the snow for the first time!
If you want to know more about this pop icon, read our article about her 5 most unknown facts! Also, comment below if you are a puppy lover!

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