Pop icon Billie Eilish found love and it's not what you think

The Californian singer, born in 2001, has a movie-worthy life story. And now love is one more chapter, but it's probably not what you think. She has found a new love at a young age. Despite her young age, she had a lot of relationships, and she is tired of dating. Also, with social gathering restrictions it's really difficult getting to know someone. 

By  Estefania Martínez
  • The musician is usually criticized for her photos. Her haters say "she is too serious" or that "she always seems sad". What do you think?
  • Her #1 hit, "Bad Guy", has almost 900 million and her #2 "Lovely" more tan 700 million views on YouTube!
  • She won several prizes including Grammys, American Music Awards and Album of the year. 
  • She also writes her own music with her brother, Finneas. 
  • She is the icon of the new millenial generation!
Singer Billie Eilish performing with her Gucci outfit
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Her new love is a puppy. She was seen smiling and happy. It seems that she fell in love and now she has a permanent smile!

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