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Singer Ariana Grande joins protests over George Floyd's death

Protests over George Floyd's death continue and celebrities are joining in as well. Ariana Grande was seen in a peaceful protest in Los Angeles. The video below shows a video the star shared as well as photos of her marching.

  • American actor and TV producer Jaime Foxx also protested in Minneapolis. 
  • Grande emphasized the peaceful nature of the protest and in a way was disappointed that it got little media coverage.

Ariana Grande started her career in the 2008 Broadway musical 13. The American singer and actress is one of the few to reach the whistle register -the highest register of the human voice. “We were passionate, we were loud, we were loving. Cover this too please” the singer tweeted about the march.

 Grande encouraged followers to find ways to help, whether it be signing petitions or donating. Her fans were happy to see her in person at the protest. Many tweeted photos of her thanking her and saying they need more celebrities using their platforms to raise awareness and fight for what's right.

Ariana Grande protested over the death of George Floyd

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