Epstein and Maxwell

Shock: Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is married

After her hearing with the judge from Brooklyn, a new secret has been revealed: Maxwell is married! The discovery was made after she denied telling the name of the person that would pay the bond of $5 million her defense offered in order for her to spend house arrest in a luxury hotel in Manhattan. Read more below.

  • Ghislaine pleaded "Not guilty" and she asked if she could move to a luxury hotel in Manhattan for house arrest, but it was denied due to the escape risk.
  • Alison Moe, one of the prosecutors working on the case noted that Maxwell was married.
  • There is one theory of who might be her husband, who went to purchase her New Hampshire mansion with her.

The detail was discovered after prosecutors asked who would jointly sign her bond, and she responded "my husband" but refused to name him. This excuse was a motive for the prosecutors for not letting the woman spend her days in house arrest.

The mystery man is supposed to be the tech mogul Scott Borgerson, CEO of CargoMetrics, a company valued in over $100 million.

Scott Borgerson. Source: Vimeo/Arctic Circle Secretariat

When asked about his relationship with Maxwell, he declared she is "a former friend".
According to the real estate agent who sold the house, the couple went to buy the property in cash and told her they were "Scott y Janet Marshall".

The home in New Hampshire where Maxwell was arrested

Apparently, the Epstein case sadly keeps surprising with unsolved mysteries.

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